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Teaching sign language to hearing babies (from eight months) has been the most fun I've ever had! Parents are able to bond early with their babies and find out so much about their interests, feelings, wants and needs with just a few signs. 
These days many people are aware of signing with a hearing baby and learning a few signs to reduce tears and tantrums. But there are so many more benefits to taking a play class. The baby gets a fun time of socializing with other babies. Parents learn new skills that take them and their child to a whole new level of bonding and communicating. Parents also learn specific things like how baby brains work, when they can expect their child to sign back, how much signing repetition is needed and much more.
Did I mention how much I love this job?
The parents who are "all in" quickly find out things about their baby's world that they might never discover any other way. Another benefit is that Dads come into the bonding picture a lot sooner too. When both parents "have their baby's back," it sets a child up for good self-esteem and confidence that will last a lifetime.

Tina has a Bachelor of Science Degree and 10 years of sign language classes at Austin Sign Language School. Previous work experience includes I.T. (Information Technology) support at Motorola, U.T. (Pickle Research) and Schlotzky's Corporate Offices.

She's been a Baby Signs® Certified Independent Instructor and On the Grow™ Educator since 2009.
Certified in Infant and Child CPR and First Aid.
Liability Insurance and Fingerprints on File - Current

Dr. Linda Acredolo - Tina Cavanaugh - Dr. Susan Goodwyn
Outstanding Instructor Award
2011 Baby Signs® Conference
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